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“Our relationship had been sexless for 10 years, and although we’d seen numerous marriage counselors, things weren’t getting better. I was about ready to leave before I was referred to Hailey. With her guidance, we learned to communicate, trust and reconnect with each other. After just two intense sessions, we not only began reconnecting on a deep level, we started making love again. I can truly say, we have never been happier or more in love. Hailey’s methods are unique to any other marriage counselor and she is the first person that was helpful for our marriage, and each of us individually. This is not therapy. It is BETTER! The methods in the book are the same methods we used with her in our private sessions and let me tell you… they work. If you and your spouse are struggling or even contemplating separation or divorce, make sure you see Hailey first. Your relationship happiness hinges on the material in this book.” Mary Morris, Realtor, mother of three and proud grandmother.

“Hailey is a brilliant and gifted writer. She speaks in a way that makes it easy to understand and connect with the content. I work with her personally and feel tremendously blessed to have her expertise in my life.” Vera Jamin-Wirth, CEO Metabolic Balance Canada, based in Germany, and happy newlywed.

“As Hailey’s first publisher, she has always been such a joy to work with. Her writing is powerful, transformative and truly inspirational. You’ll want to get your hands on all her bestselling books and to connect with her in person. This woman will change your life!” Randi Goodman, Publisher, 7x #1 international best-selling author and housing expert at RandiGoodman.ca.

“As a fellow colleague in the relationship help space, and an ordained minister, I simply adore Hailey and the unique perspectives and fresh approach she brings to couples coaching. We regularly share the stage delivering keynotes and workshops to hungry audiences searching for new ways to solve old problems. Hailey has a heart of gold; she is a ton of fun to work with and she is a powerhouse speaker and trainer. Don’t let her youth fool you! Although she and I have two decades between us, I trust her work with my own family members, and you can too.” Jim Hetherington, Relationship Breakthrough Specialist, international award-winning #1 bestselling author and father, happily married for 37 years.

Happy Love

5 Essential Steps to Help Frustrated Couples Fall in Love Again

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