Happy Love

5 Essential Steps to Help Frustrated Couples Fall in Love Again

Welcome to HAPPY LOVE. This book is especially created for you, to ease your frustrations and help you fall in love with your partner all over again. Yes, you can… turn the challenged relationship you have into the thriving and happy relationship you crave and deserve. I will be sharing my proven 5-Step I.D.E.A.L. Love Method that I guide my private clients through, to completely redesign their relationships, including all 6 of the key tools for making your relationship extraordinary. This book is overflowing with practical tips, tools, processes and activities, that you have never seen before.

You might be reading this book because things are good in your relationship right now, and you just want to learn a few tips to make things even better with your partner. You might be reading this because things have hit a bit of a funk, and you’re smart enough to un-funk yourselves before you really get into trouble. Sadly, but thankfully, many couples will be reading this book because they’re actually deciding if it’s even possible to restore and recover their relationship. Perhaps you’re reading it as husband and wife, husband and husband, wife and wife, or life partners who are unmarried, or fiancés engaged to be married. Maybe you’re just dating, and you want to learn how to create a healthy future with your love. You may be reading this together as a couple, or perhaps you’re the only one that seems willing to work on your relationship right now, and you alone are embarking on this journey. No matter what place you’re in, how much love there is, or how much love seems to already be lost… you my friend have found the right book at the right time, and I’m here for you.

I’m going to be decoding the actual tools that I use with my private clients—the very tools that have changed thousands of relationships, marriages, and lives. You’ll have the opportunity at the end of every chapter to make notes, do some L.O.V.E. Work and use this site for ready-to-use worksheets and tools that you can download for free. Then, you’ll get to implement what you’ve just learned and watch your relationship begin to transform instantly. Feel the relief and achieve the connection you’ve been longing for… not after finishing the book, but rather while you are on the journey of reading it.

I know firsthand what it feels like when love is a mess. To go from where I was (unhappy, loveless, divorced) to where I am now (happily married with three amazing sons, and deeply in love), I used the same steps, methods, and tools that I am going to share with you, so I know they work. No matter what your past love experience is, no matter what your marriage or relationship role models have been, and no matter what has happened before… I am confident, if you apply the techniques in this book and get the support you deserve, that you will create a happy, healthy, thriving, lasting, fun, abundant, adventurous, fulfilling relationship. You deserve it, it is possible, and it is possible for YOU!

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About The Author

Hailey Patry is the founder of The Lifted Lid… “Life Uncapped”. She is best known for her work as a True Happiness coach, Marriage Mentor and The Happy Business Coach, delivering massive results in just 9 hours. Nicknamed “World’s Happiest Woman”, Hailey is a Master Coach in Radical Living and Radical Forgiveness. With decades of experience, she is an authority on Happiness, Love and Success and has the kind of energy that lights up an entire stadium. Having spoken for over 1-million audience members and coached over 26,000 students and professionals in 136 countries, she is a master keynote speaker and facilitator. She is also an award-winning author with 3 International-Best-Selling Books.

As a happily married mom of three, she has run multiple traditional businesses, all while making LOVE and HAPPINESS her two key focuses for her own family and for her clients. She helps you become the up-leveled version of yourself and achieve your full potential in work, life and love. Her mission is for you to ‘Love Your Results’ and live your ‘Life Uncapped’. Hailey’s purpose is to help GOOD people, actually live a GOOD life…so you can make life happen FOR you, instead of it happening TO you. She blends heart, humour and uplifting stories with interactive activities to teach you your fastest path to happiness, success and love. This directly raises positivity, self esteem, ability to focus, productivity and results. Working with Hailey helps you immediately decrease stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

Some of her favourite ways to serve up happiness and love to the world, include working with her private coaching clients, teaching transformational workshops, delivering keynotes and running retreats. Hailey offers a one-of-a-kind Destination Marriage Makeover Retreat, taking clients on a week-long luxury all-inclusive vacation to completely transform their relationship before they go home. She teaches a one-day relationship recovery class, called ‘Fall in Love Again’ where participants literally do just that, and she offers a private in-home Emergency Relationship Makeover session that couples say is the most transformative day in their entire relationship. Her methods are fresh, innovative and they work…QUICKLY!

Having worked in sectors from education to corporate, and wellness to small business, some of her previous clients include Toronto District School Board, Disneyland Resort on Why Happiness Pays, and York University, training teachers. Hailey’s 25 years as a business owner and having overcome more than 30 years of trauma, has taught her how to bounce back from adversity and create happiness, love and success rapidly, no matter what challenges are present. Above all else, she knows intimately well, how to help love thrive against all odds. She has been featured on Cogeco, Rogers, NBC and other media, but you are more likely to see her hiking with her family, working out, cuddling with her kids or on her weekly date night with her husband.

Happy Love

5 Essential Steps to Help Frustrated Couples Fall in Love Again

Chapter 1 – And So We Begin

Preparing you for success while reading the book and following along with the action items.

Chapter 2 – There’s Hidden Dirt in Your Relationship

You will get to spot what has been in the way of your happiness as a couple.

Chapter 3 – The Hope Chapter – Success Stories of Couples Just Like You

You will feel relieved to see what has worked for other couples and could also work for you.

Chapter 4 – Fidelity & Infidelity

You will learn the ins and outs of infidelity, including why it happens and how to overcome it.

Chapter 5 – I = Inventory – Take Stock of Where You Are Now

Step one in the 5-step process, allows you to see what your starting point is, and you’ll be surprised.

Chapter 6 – D = Design the 2.0 Version of Your Relationship

Step two allows you to get creative and design the ultimate version of your relationship. What do you want?

Chapter 7 – E = Eliminate Roadblocks and Discover What’s Holding You Back

Step three is all about the roadblocks that get in your way and sabotage your success as a couple.

Chapter 8 – A = Action Plan…Map out Your Path to Success as a Couple

Step four is where you begin to map out the path to achieving your relationship goals.

Chapter 9 – L = Learn the 6 Secrets of Happy Couples

The 5th step is the gateway to learning the 6 secrets and skills of happy couples.

Chapter 10 – Discover How to Love Each Other the Right Way

In this chapter it will become so much easier to love your spouse and have them love you in the right ways.

Chapter 11 – Gain Instant Reconnection – Mastering the Art of Heart-to-Heart Conversations

Learn the most relationship transforming conversation you can have, to cause immediate re-connection.

Chapter 12 – It’s Easy – Finally Get (Almost) Everything You Want

Negotiate like a loving pro and finally demystify how to get your needs met. It’s so easy!

Chapter 13 – Mind Reading… If Only It Was Possible

Mind reading is not a relationship skill. Enjoy a laugh and learn what is actually effective to get results.

Chapter 14 – The Number One Tool to Alleviate Tension

There’s no such thing as a perfect person, but there is such a thing as the perfect apology.

Chapter 15 Date Each Other and Fall in Love Again

How to use quality time for maximum benefits to your relationship, and ensure your dates go well.

Chapter 16 – Reignite Your Love

From sexless to epic orgasms, how to move your intimate relationship in the right direction and reignite the flame.

Chapter 17 – It Takes One – Before It Takes Two

How personal happiness or unhappiness is affecting your relationship, and why it matters so much.

Chapter 18 – Make Today a New Beginning

Taking everything you have learned in the whole book, and summarizing it for you to cement your learning.

Chapter 19 – Uncommon Acknowledgements & Short Stories

Learn how every moment in life is precious, along with countless juicy details about the author’s private life.

Happy Love

5 Essential Steps to Help Frustrated Couples Fall in Love Again

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